Invasive Species IntroductionSimulation

NASA's satellite technology and space-based sensors can provide tools for determining the land cover patterns of species and predicting probable hot spots and critical locations for stemming invasions. Data from the field is combined with satellite measurements to predict plant diversity or to study one particular species. Satellite earth observations are currently being performed from Terra, QuickSCAT, Landsat 7, Jason, and other missions. The result is a three-dimensional computerized image that predicts the probability of hotspots across a landscape.

NASA also plans to improve weather forecasting and to identify climate changes that can affect a species' habitat. Other factors being studied and applied to invasive species control are water management, coastal zone management, fire cycles, community growth and public health. Since, as we have seen, this is a problem with global implications, the U.S. government is also coordinating its efforts with international initiatives under the United Nations' Global Invasive Species Program.

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